Vaginal Dryness and Laser Therapy


What are the Causes of Vaginal Dryness?

The most important reason is the decrease in estrogen levels which are female hormones. This situation is mostly encountered in menopause. In addition, in cases of imbalance between male and female hormones, it can occur in cases where male hormone is too high.

The most common group of patients are those who have been treated for breast cancer. The medications they take for treatment cause vaginal dryness and these patients cannot use estrogen.

Vaginal infections are also important causes. It can be observed in some women without any cause and can reduce the quality of life.

What is the Treatment of Vaginal Dryness?

First of all, if one of the reasons mentioned above is present, a treatment should be applied to eliminate the reason. If there is a problem in sexual intercourse, gels that lubricate the vagina may be used before the relationship.

One of the effective treatment methods for vaginal dryness is vaginal laser applications. He indicated that the support tissue and other tissues around the vagina were stimulated by laser. It provides increase and regenerate blood supply to tissues around the vagina. With this method, vaginal dryness can be treated effectively.

There is no harm in the method, it is painless, it takes short time and it is carried out in the clinic.

What other areas of laser is used in genital aesthetics?

Vaginal tightening, rejuvenation : The laser tissue is stimulated using the laser and this procedure increases the surrounding support tissue and vascularity and so that it provides vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. It is a painless procedure. The procedure lasts short time and it is repeated depending on the examination findings of the patient. Although it is used in every woman, it is especially effective in correcting vaginal enlargement after delivery and after menopause.

Non-surgical urinary incontinence treatment: Mild urinary incontinence is treated with laser without surgery. The laser tightens the vagina and increases the support tissue of the bladder base.

Bleaching of vaginal lips and the surrounding area : In some women vaginal entrance, small and large lips are darker than their skin colors. This is a normal condition because the pigments that give color to this skin are more in these areas. Women are uncomfortable with this appearance and apply to the physician to bleach the color. The method that can help to solve this problem is laser applications.

Thanks to laser, color is easily bleached permanently in 3-4 sessions without pain and without anesthesia.

Eliminating the impact of the fold and aging on the large lips : For anti-aging, support tissue under the skin within large lips and pubis is increased by laser to provide a more tense and youthful appearance.

Rugaplasty: Folds called ruga which lose due to vaginal delivery, surgical intervention and aging can be recreated with laser.

Labiaplasty: Internal lips that are longer than normal and extending out lead to a significant aesthetic concern in women. Besides the appearance, it also causes problems in such cases as horse riding or cycling. It causes frequent infections. This condition in the inner lips can be corrected with laser without suturing or bleeding.

Birth spots on the abdomen are also treated with laser.

One or more of these procedures are applied at the same time in clinic.