A New Method in Gynecological Surgery: Robotic Surgery


Today, when robot production is highly developed, this technology entered the health sector. Performing some surgical operations with the help of a robot in such a way that it produces halthier and better results is called robotic surgery. This method is developing rapidly in the field of medicine and in the future, almost all of the operations will be performed in this way.

These robots used in robotic surgery have such features that we can conclude that the development phases were error-free. The robot arms used in this surgery have the ability to rotate up to 540 degrees and have a great advantage compared to a normal human arm. Also, another benefit that it provides to the doctor operating the machine is that it not only views the surgical site very clearly and three-dimensionally on the secreen thanks to its high-resolution cameras, but also has zoom and magnification ability of 12 times. The capability of arms to move easily by entering with the required area allows to perform a more sterile and more perfect operation compared to a normal human. It helps find the required vessels and nerves more easily and incise and suture, so that robotic surgery reduces blood loss. Since surgeries are performed in such a healthy way, mortality and morbidity rates decrease. These surgeries performed by the use of the surgeons who have received the required training have shortened the treatment and healing processes of the disease.

When you speak of robotic surgery, some patients understand it as if a robot will perform the surgery. There is no such thing. The control is in the surgeon and the surgeon performs the surgery laparoscopically using the arms of the robot. Thanks to the four arms of the robots, the operation is carried out more comfortably and each arm has a separate task such as handling the camera, handling the surgical equipment, incising and suturing. With its improved internal and external rotation ability, it can perform more quickly and accurately move. In very difficult operations, the surgeon’s hand tremor is an inevitable error. However, in robotic surgery, this has been minimized and the errors caused by tremor are eliminated by this method.

Previously, robots did not have such complicated features. But, over time, their features improved and they had more precise and extended features. For example, new articulations now can be mounted on the arms of robots, and we can use the more necessary instruments for surgery. Apart from that, now more sensitive programs have been developed to reduce the operating doctor’s hand tremor and errors made. With the development of surgical robots, which showed up as an important innovation in the healthcare field in 2000s, it is becoming more useful and increasingly widespread. In the coming years, it will be used in more fields and will contribute to the protection of human health and the realization of innovations a lot by being more affordable


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