Removal of the Uterus in Uterine Prolapse Surgeries


Is it necessary to remove the uterus in uterine prolapse surgeries?

The anterior wall of the vagina is adjacent to the bladder, the posterior wall is adjacent to the large intestine, and the vault part forms the cervix. In cases of genital prolapse, one or few of these walls prolapse out of the vagina. In general, when one side prolapses, it pulls down the other sides.

In the conventional treatment of uterine prolapse, the uterus was removed and the remaining vagina part was suspended to the ligaments or bones located above. Today, this understanding has changed. Prolapsed uterine is not a cause, but a result. Therefore, if there is no abnormality in the uterus, prolapse should be corrected by preserving the uterus.

The preservation of the uterus during uterine prolapse surgeries has many advantages for the patient. These include less blood loss, shorter operative, less pain, and avoidance of complications associated with uterus removal. In addition, women feel themselves better since their uterus is not removed. Therefore, in the current treatment today, the uterus should be removed, if there is no problem with the uterus, organ-preserving surgery should be performed.

As is known, there is a tendency towards the preservation of organs in the world. Even in breast and cervical cancers, the organs are not completely removed, and only the diseased tissue is removed. However, all organs were removed in the past.


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