Genital Aesthetics: New Trend


Genital aesthetic operations are labioplasty where internal lips are shortened, tightening and rejuvenation of the enlarged vaginas with operation or laser, removal excess skin of the clitoris (clitoral hood resection / clitoropexy), liposuction or fat/filler injection to big lips and pubic and bleaching of genital organ.

Demand for genital aesthetic applications is increasing all over the world. This kind of applications have been increased due to Increasing the interest of the media and physicians on the subject, the modernization of the lifestyle, the increase of prosperity, the more minimalizing of the clothing style, the demand of perfect and the use of effective and easily applicable machines such as laser have increased. Between 2000 and 2005, aesthetic vaginal interventions in the UK has doubled (Salvatore 2011). There is no statistics on the subject in our country.  But I can say that the demand for genital aesthetics of women of all ages and categories is increasing. As a result, the interest of the physicians in the subject has increased and genital aesthetics has become a topic discussed in scientific meetings.




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