Vaginal Tightening Operation 


Vaginal tightening operation, the vagina enlarges as a result of increasing age, deliveries, frequent sexual intercourse and various gynecological operations. Therefore, the surgery performed to tighten the vagina that has lost its firmness and elasticity is called vaginal tightening or vaginal aesthetics. The goal of the operation is to restore the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina. In some people, the vagina may be structurally larger than normal. It is also possible that there may be patients who have a large vagina and require surgery although they are 20 years old and have never delivered before. Excessively large vagina may cause a feeling of emptiness, gas discharge or queefing during sexual intercourse, even in those who have never delivered before.

How is vaginal tightening operation performed?

Vaginal tightening operation, It is performed by narrowing the entire vaginal cavity with a vertical incision beginning from the vaginal outlet. This is the ideal method. Narrowing only the outlet causes pain during the intercourse. Vaginal tightening surgeries are completed in about 45 minutes-1 hour. Since most of the sutures are inside, maximum 5 or 6 of them are visible from the outside. In vaginal aesthetics and vaginal tightening surgeries, the patient can return to daily life and work within 2-3 days.

Vaginal tightening operation, the number of sutures made is between 15-20, and they are absorbable. In most of patient, vaginal tightening operations can be performed under local anesthesia and a mild anesthesia administered by the anesthesiologist. A minimal pain arises after vaginal tightening operation. There may be slight bleeding and bruising in the suture area. These are not normal. After the operation, antibiotics and painkillers are given. In addition cold application can be useful for the patient.

The vagina is likely to lose its tightness as a result of age, deliveries, gynecological interventions, abortions and frequent sexual intercourse. This causes loss of sensitivity in men and women, leading to sexual problems.

Vaginal tightening operation, not the vagina skin (mucosa), but the tissue under this skin, call the fascia, should be narrowed or brought closer to each other by plicating. Good support is provided when this tissue is narrowed. If only the mucosa is brought closer, the vagina will return to its old form after the surgery. Sometimes, it may be necessary to treat the muscle located under the fascia, called the Levator. This muscle loosens a lot in some patients. In such cases, this muscle also needs to be brought closer.

Vaginal tightening operation, the scientific research on the subject has found that unnecessary approximation of this muscle causes pain during the intercourse. Therefore, the patient should be evaluated very well and the operation should be planned according to the patient’s findings. These operations should be performed by an urogynecologist specialized in pelvic floor and vaginal surgery. Because the most effective operation is the first operation and the success rate decreases in the subsequent operations and the rate of complication increases.

After 2-3 weeks of vaginal tightening surgery, the sutures spontaneously dissolve. After one month, the effects of the surgery disappear so that the patient feels as if she was not operated. Two months after vaginoplasty and labioplasty operations, the patient can have sexual intercourse.

Who performs vaginal tightening operation?

Vaginal tightening operations are performed by an urogynecologist with sufficient experience trained in pelvic floor and vaginal surgery.

Is it possible to performed vaginal tightening surgery on those who have not delivered before?

Vagina may also enlarge due to genetic or structural causes in women who have never delivered. This condition can be restored with a simple operation.

What are the risks of vaginal tightening operation?

When vaginal tightening operations are performed by experienced urogynecologists who know the anatomy of the genital area, the risks are scarcely any for bleeding and infection that may arise in each operation. However, the complications that may occur when performed under unhygienic conditions and by inexperienced physicians who do not know the anatomy are quite a lot.

 When can the patient have bath after vaginal tightening operation?

The patient can have bath with warm water one day after this type of surgery. There is no problem with that.

Does the patient feel pain after vaginal tightening operation?

Patients do not feel severe pain after vaginal tightening operations. Mild pain that is relieved by painkillers prescribed by the doctor, bruising-swelling (edema) and mild bleeding in the form of spot for a few days are expected.

When can the patient have sexual intercourse after vaginal tightening operation ?

The patient can have sexual intercourse 1.5-2 months after cosmetic vaginal surgeries such as vaginoplasty, labiaplasty. There is no problem with that. Again, swimming in the pool or in the sea after one month also does not cause any problem.

Will the vagina enlarge again after vaginal tightening operation?
If vaginal tightening surgery is performed properly, it is not expected that the vagina would enlarge again, if the patient does not have normal delivery.

Is it possible to have normal delivery after vaginal tightening operation?

Vaginoplasty, i.e. vaginal tightening surgery or labioplasty does not prevent normal delivery in the future. However, having a normal delivery will cause the vagina to enlarge again following vaginal tightening surgery.


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