What are Cosmetic Genital Surgeries?


What is genital aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics deals with the correction of negative conditions and dysfunctions in woman’s vagina and external genital organs (inner, outer lips, clitoris, perineum, pubis) caused by certain reasons using surgery or laser. These are operations that can be be performed on women who had delivery, women at an advanced age, and some types of these operations can also be performed on young girls. The goal of these surgeries is to make a woman regain her confidence, to prevent other anatomical disorders that may occur, to solve sexual problems and to eliminate the feeling of embarrassment, if any.

With cosmetic genital operations, many women have regained their self-confidence, and a functionally and physically healthy life. As is known, some genital anomalies both aesthetically and functionally affect a woman’s life negatively and cause problems.

What are the types of cosmetic genital surgery?

Vaginal tightening – vaginal correction operation:

Conditions that may be caused by suture failures after delivery, multiple incisions in those who had multiple deliveries, deterioration and enlargement of the vagina and vaginal outlet as a result of excess streching of the vaginal while giving birth to a big baby and multiple babies do not allow to have sexual intercourse as desired. Due to this enlargement, penis cannot be gripped by the vagina, causing inability to feel in couples. The vagina can be tightened and restored with the surgical procedure to be performed. In general, the size of the vagina should allow to insert two fingers. The operation performed for this purpose restores the vagina with detreriorated aesthetics and function to its original state. By this means, the sexual problems of a woman will reduce and she will have a more satisfying intercourse with her partner. The fact that these issues could not be talked, discussed and were considered as a taboo in the past due to traditional limitations has caused problems to grow. Multiple deliveries may cause both dysfunctions and deformations. Some women may have congenitally or structurally large vagina. The vagina is restored and a woman gets rid of her problems with cosmetic genital surgeries that last about 45 minutes-1 hours and does not require hospitalization.

Cosmetic operation for tight vagina:

Although not common, the vagina may sometimes be congenitally tight or may be too tightened up in correction surgeries. This may cause women to feel pain during sexual intercourse. A procedure exactly opposite of vaginal tightening is performed and completed in a short time like 30 minutes.

Cosmetic operations for sagging and large lips:

It is a surgery mostly performed for the inner lips. Unexpectedly, large inner lips may have a size to be noticable from the outside of underwear. In such a case, a woman feels unhappy with her appearance and avoids sexual intercourse. This may sometimes be a problem of a single young girl. Although this condition is congenital, the hormones released in adolescence may reveal this condition. This cosmetic operation can be performed for the vagina in single girls as well. The excess tissues in the lips are removed and normal appearance is obtained without affecting the hymen.

Too much sexual intercourse, too much contact with allergens, frequent infection, masturbation, excessive stimulation, weight loss, oral sex, age-related changes may also cause the lips to look bad. In such a case, the problem is solved in a short time like half an hour-forty minutes with the surgical procedure.

What are the benefits of genital cosmetic operations?

After these procedures, sexual satisfaction will increase and the intercourse will be much more quality. Today, sexual problems are the underlying cause of many divorces. This condition causing a self-confidence problem for women affects both sides and drags them into a deadlock.


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