What Genital Cosmetic Operations?


Cosmetic genital operations, cosmetic procedures of vagina, inner lips, outer lips, perineum and pubis region, organs forming the genital region, are called genital aesthetics.

Cosmetic genital operations, cosmetic procedures have become popular in recent years. These procedures are called cosmetic vaginal surgery, aesthetic vaginal surgery, vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening, or vaginal rejuvenation.

Cosmetic genital operations  Genital estetik operasyonları

The vaginal tissues and surrounding muscles loosen and lose their strength due to delivery, aging, trauma-like factors. Congenitally long, asymmetic inner lips are also corrected using cosmetic genital procedures, called labioplasty.

Cosmetic genital operations, long inner lips distort the appearance, cause problems in the intercourse and wearing of tight clothes, and pain while riding horse and bicycle. Moreover, enlargement in the vagina cause problems during sexual intercourse. These enlargements are corrected with functional surgeries.


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