What is Clitoropexy?


Clitoropexy, clitoris is an organ that corresponds to male penis, gets erectile and bigger when aroused and is a necessary for sexual pleasure and orgasm. Its blood supply and nervous structure are very dense. There is a fold of skin on the clitoris similar to the skin on the penis. This skin is called clitoral hood. This skin indistinctly covers the clitoris.


Normally, when the clitoris is stimulated, the tip of it is exposed. In some women, this skin is larger than necessary and hangs down from the clitoris like a hat. The surgical removal and restoration of this skin is called clitoropexy or clitoral hood excision.

The treatment is administered in two ways. This skin is incised longitudinally and the excess part is removed and the borders are sutured (Figure 1). Secondly, this skin is incised transversely and sutured oppositely (Figure 2). This is the method we prefer. The advantage is that the risk of bleeding and injury to the clitoris is lower.

Figure 1. Clitoropexy using longitudinal incision


Figure 2. Clitoropexy using transverse incision



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