What Is Hymenenoplasty?


Himenoplasty is the repair of the hymen. Especially in Muslim and in some Catholic Christian countries countries where virginity is important, it is demanded by women.

It is performed in two ways . Temporarily 1 or 2 days before marriage, a stitch is placed around the hymen and it is intended to be bleeding.

The second method is to permanently repair the hymen.  It can be performed in different ways. Full repair is possible with flap shifting method.

Himenoplasty is a problem with social and cultural dimensions. Every woman’s right to change her own body is a universal right. This process should be evaluated within this framework. Women’s rights advocates, jurists and psychiatrists view the situation from this perspective.

However Islamic religion has a diferent perspective. In Egypt, while some of the men of god in Al-Azhar University state that it can be done, others are opposed.

In the researches conducted in our country among university students, the approach of students in the west are different from the approach of students in the east.

You can get extensive information on this subject from Hymenoplasty panel presented in Urogynechology congress chaired by me in October 2015 (Hymenoplasty: You can find in this site under the title of situation in the world and in Turkey).