What is Labiaplasty?


Labiaplasty is a widely used cosmetic vaginal surgery in the world, which has been increasingly performed in our country in recent years. In general, the inner lips become genetically large, causing aesthetic and functional concerns. Over time, a self-confidence problem arises and negatively affects a woman’s life. Patients from every segment of society, every age group are admitted for the correction of this condition. Reducing and restoring the size of large labia is called labioaplasty.

Causes of large inner lips;

  • Excessive stimulation: excessive contact and stimulation with small lips during sexual intercourse or masturbation.
  • Childbirth-related causes: multiple deliveries, giving birth to a big baby, having vaginal delivery.
  • Genetic causes: some women may be born with congenitally large inner lip size or asymmetrical lip.
  • Poor quality of connective tissue quality due to genetic causes may also cause sagging inner lips.
  • Irritation: persistent vaginal infection (vaginitis), intense exposure to allergens (intense contact with substances such as pad, perfume, wet wipes, shampoo, soap of poor quality), having HPV infections.
  • Oral sex and extreme traction
  • Aging and menopause

What kind of procedure is performed in labiaplasty?

The word labiaplasty is a Latin-derived term meaning lip aesthetics. The inner lips in the vaginal area of a woman appearing larger than normal are shortened using different methods. Thus, the inner lips are tucked inside the outer lips or become hardly visible and look aesthetically appealing.


Labiaplasty offers some advantages not only aesthetically but also functionally. Riding horse and bicycle becomes easier, tight clothes and bikinis are worn more comfortably, the risk of vaginal infection and poor hygiene decreases. In addition, no pain arises during sexual intercourse, intercourse gets easier and its quality increases. Women’s self-confidence increases.

The patient is examined before undergoing labiaplasty and the patient-specific operation type is selected taking the patient’s requests into consideration. In some operations, the skin tone on the edge of the labia gets lighter.

Some patients prefer that, while others desire it to look natural. Moreover, the patient and the physician should together decide on how much the labia will be shortened. If there is an additional problem (clitoral hood, birthmark, enlargement, urinary incontinence etc.) in the vagina, these can be discussed and corrected in the same session.

Labiaplasty lasts from half an hour to one hour depending on the technique chosen. It is usually performed under local anesthesia. It can also be performed under general anesthesia upon patient’s request. Bleeding and pain are minimal, and it can be performed under office conditions. Cold application for 24-48 hours after the procedure is useful



In addition, antibiotics, disinfectant solutions and painkillers are prescribed. No suture scar is left after labiaplasty. It is an operation that can also be performed easily in young girls. Virginity is not affected. It does not pose any problem for vaginal delivery, if it is necessary. It is a fact that this procedure will increase the quality of sexual pleasure and intercourse, if a woman is demanding labioplasty.

Patients may be discharged on the same day after labioplasty and return to their active sexual lives after one month of sexual abstinence. Today, there is no need to remove sutures since absorbable suture materials are used.


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