What is Vaginal Aesthetics?


Vaginal aesthetics is an operation performed as a result of deformation in the genital area and displeasure with the external appearance. Although cosmetic operations are mostly performed for external appearance, the number of cosmetic vaginal surgeries has increased in recent years. Vaginal aesthetics is a surgery performed to increase sexual pleasure. I specified below in which cases aesthetics is performed in order to decide on this operation.

In which cases is vaginal aesthetics performed?

  • First of all, it is performed as a result of permanent enlargement that occurs in the vaginal area of women after delivery.
  • In some people, aesthetics is necessary if the symmetry of the inner lips (labium minora) is different.
  • Aesthetics is preferred when it has a large surface in the form of elephant ear.
  • In difficult deliveries, an incision (episiotomy) is made in the outer region of the vagina. Therefore, if the tissue there prevents satisfaction during sexual intercourse, it is also performed.
  • The prolapse of the bladder and the last portion of the intestine, called the rectum, causes problems in the vagina such as sexual dysfunctions and urinary incontinence. It causes uterine prolapse.

How is vaginal tightening performed?

  • This surgery help increase the sexual satisfaction. It is performed under sedation-assisted local or general anesthesia. It is an operation carried out between about 30 minutes and 1 hour.

What are the benefits of vaginal tightening?

  • Thanks to vaginal aesthetics, both the shape and the appearance are corrected.
  • It corrects loose vaginal muscles with impaired functions.
  • The tightness, tonus and resistance of the vaginal canal is increased.
  • As it creates tightness, the sexual pleasure of women and men is increased. (Loosening is the enlargement and sag of muscular and soft tissues of the lower genital area in women due to structural causes or as a result of trauma occurring after normal delivery. The sexual pleasure is reduced.)

Vaginal Aesthetics

The aesthetics to correct the outer and inner vaginal lips 

  • With the operation performed on outer vaginal lips (labium majus) or inner vaginal lips (labium minus), long or asymmetrical lips are corrected and a sexy appearance is obtained.
  • The removal of excess fat in the hairy area (mons pupis) on the vagina also makes the vagina look more aesthetic, younger and firmer.

  What are the disadvantages of large vaginal lips?

  • Most women state that they cannot feel sexual pleasure when they want to have the size of large vaginal lips reduced.
  • Some women indicate that they feel embarrassed about large vaginal lips and that they cannot trust themselves in sexual intercourse.
  • Some state that they feel embarrassed about large vaginal lips.

What are the disadvantages of small vaginal lips?

  • Those with small vaginal lips usually have it because they are unhappy. They psychologically need it.
  • They cannot enjoy sexual intercourse since they do not feel happy.

Clitoroplasty aesthetics 

  • Interventions for the clitoris not only improve the appearance of the clitoris but also facilitate sexual satisfaction.


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