Why Does Genital Aesthetics Increase In The World?


In developed and developing countries, the level of welfare increases, the demands increase and the benefits that medicine can provide in the aesthetic sense also increase. The reasons such as the fact that the operations include extremely easy techniques, the complications are low and sexual life has come to the fore and affects the whole life are the reasons that increase the rates of these surgeries.  The perspective of sexual life has changed and it has been more talked all over the world . In the past, taboo subjects have been discussed in written and visual media. Although this kind of troubles were present previously, there has been delayed due to the consideration that it not etchical. However, nowadays the perspective of genital aesthetics has changed and the society has expected these procedures. Between the years 1999-2005, genital aesthetic surgeries in the UK have doubled. In a study carried out in Netherlands in 2009, it has been found out that 95% of women control their vaginal lips and 95% of them were aware of plastic surgery.

Why can genital aesthetics be needed?

Women must be fertile due to the law of nature. Due to this condition, problems related to vaginal delivery, more commonly known as normal birth, arise. A woman who delivers a big baby and does not have an appropriate incision at the vagina entrance may lose the aesthetic appearance of her vagina. Reasons of aesthetic operation are causes such as giving birth to many infants, giving birth with intervention, giving birth under inappropriate conditions (home birth) and causes of internal lips to be larger, traumas, infections.

Why have genital aesthetic operations increased in the world?

The woman’s self-confidence has increased, self-reliance has also increased, and she was able to reveal more of her presence in life. When a woman who wants to take an active role in sexual life finds a flawed subject in her life, she is able to express it more easily and starts to seek cure. After the lifestyle under pressure, women have been able to express their problems and have a chance to meet with the physician more easily. Due to this, the developing medicine has introduced genital surgery operations for women with its technological facilities.

Genital aesthetic operations in the world increase as  women know their genital organs better, they can express the sexual desire easily, they take an active role in sexual intercourse, they want to make their partners satisfied and they want to prevent vaginal disorders.

Why is the vagina enlarge and why is aesthetic procedure needed?

  • Too many births
  • Excessive tears in delivery, faulty sutures
  • Giving birth to a big baby
  • Sagging because of aging
  • Sagging due to hormone withdrawal associated with menopause
  • Structurally large and sagging vagina
  • Congenital big inner lips
  • Congenital excessive skin on clitoris

These changes in the vagina can also cause other health problems. These are;

  • Urinary incontinence complaints
  • Uterine prolapse
  • Bowel incontinence
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Sounds of sexual intercourse or normally from the vagina

Genital aesthetics due to vaginal lip size and sagging are also very popular in the world. The interest of young girls to the subject, the ease of the procedures performed and non-damage to the hymen are the reasons for these surgeries. Women may lose confidence in sexual intercourse when inner lips lose volume due to advanced age, the appearance of the outer lip from the top. In these cases, the search for medicine begins. As aesthetic surgery lasts shortly, local anesthesia is performed and hospitalization is not required, the surgeries is increased.

The most important reason for the spread of genital aesthetics all over the world is to find the woman’s identity, to express her sexual desires and to prove herself.