What is Robotic Surgery?


Robotic Surgery  Robotik Cerrahi

Nowadays, robotic surgery is used in all laparoscopic surgeries. It is used in various operations from cardiovascular diseases to prostate surgery, surgeries for the gallbladder and gynecological diseases. The arms of robotic surgical system rotates everywhere like a human wrist and is used safely in surgeries. It eliminates hand tremors. Robotic surgery, which increases patient satisfaction thanks to the developing technology, is used by the surgeon. It is preferred in operations carried out in public and private hospitals. Thanks to the incisions made safely, bleeding is minimal and the aesthetic appearance is not impaired.

Why is robotic surgery preferred?

  • A small wound forms in the abdomen since the abdominal cavity of the patient is entered by a camera and many surgical rods through small incisions.
  • The ability to visualize the surgical area closely, three-dimensionally and in finer detail allows the doctor to distinguish small nerves and vessels.
  • By means of the robot that operates as the hand of the doctor during the surgery, the surgery is performed perfectly.

What are the benefits of three-dimensional view feature of robotic surgery?

  • It facilitates the intervention to the area to be operated by means of the clear images obtained by the robotic surgical system.
  • Three-dimensional view works with the doctor’s depth sensation.
  • Since the camera is used by the doctor, a clear view is obtained by entering into narrow and deep areas.
  • Injuries are minimized during the surgery.

How is the advanced movement capability in robotic surgery?

  • In robotic surgery, the arms have 180° of articulation, and 540° of rotation.
  • It makes it easy to cut, hold and suture, especially in narrow, deep and small areas.
  • Human hand physiologically shakes more or less. With movement capability, this problem is eliminated. The surgery is performed safely. Errors associated with human hand are reduced in risky areas.

What are the advantages of robotic surgery?

  • Smaller scars and cosmetic superiority
  • Short recovery period
  • Shorter length of hospital stay
  • Reduced need for blood transfusions
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Fewer side effects
  • Faster return to daily activities turn faster
  • Excellent cancer control. Patients who require chemotherapy or radiotherapy are intervened early.
  • Lower pain level and reduced amount of pain killer used
  • Excess amount of fat in obese patients makes the operation difficult. An advantage of robotic surgery allows passing through the adipose tissue easily.

Superiorities of Robotic Surgery to Open Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Superiorities of Robotic Surgery to Laparoscopic Surgery

What is robotic surgery? What benefits does it offer to the doctor?

  • During surgery, doctors have to remain standing. Excessive fatigue occurs since this period takes too long. Therefore, it makes the surgical intervention difficult.
  • During surgery, the doctor sits down and manage from the console. Thus, physical fatigue-related stress is reduced, accordingly the doctor concentration increases.
  • It helps to increase the reputation of the doctor by providing fast and safe operation. The doctor’s experience increases and the doctor gets among the preferred doctors.


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