Vaginal Vault Prolapse


Removal of uterus (hysterectomy) is the most common operation in gynecology. After this operation, in some patients, the vault of the vagina protrudes out of the vagina; in severe cases, vagina may turn down like a balloon and protrudes out. The protruded vagina pulls down the bladder and the last part of the large intestine (rectum). The main treatment of this disorder is surgery. Surgery should be carried out to fix the bladder and rectum as well as top of the vagina.

Surgery options for vagina vault prolapse are more than one and the most appropriate surgery should be selected for the patient.

The operations are performed in two ways; from abdomen or vagina. Closed surgeries such as laparoscopy or robotic laparoscopy are preferred in abdominal operations. Compared to open surgery, the advantages are no incision, low blood loss, early discharge from hospital and early return to work. The vaginal method has similar advantages. Success rate is more than 90% in cases with mesh. The success rate of operations where  the patient’s own tissue is hung is lower.